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As Pensacola's downtown grocer, Ever'man offers a wide variety of everyday food items, environmentally friendly household supplies, and specialty natural, organic,

gluten-free and niche foods.

The recently expanded grocery department at Ever’man includes:

  • Dairy/Refrigerated Foods (cheese, yogurt, milk, ice cream)

  • Bulk Goods (less packaging, more economical; one of the largest selections in town!)

  • Wine/Beer (all wine at Ever’man is sustainably cultivated; we also have a selection of organic, vegan, and “no sulfites added” wines)

  • Frozen Foods

  • Pet Foods

  • Beverages/Juices

  • Household Goods (environmentally friendly cleaners and paper products)

Ever’man provides one-stop shopping for fresh wholesome living. Don’t see what you need?  Please visit or call our Customer Service Desk and we will be happy to look into placing a special order for you!

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