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2020 Board of Directors Election Results

Next BOD meeting 3/28 @ 6PM

Kelly Oden_Reduced.png

Kelly Oden Incumbent

Kelly Oden has served on the Ever’man Board of Directors for six years and would “love to continue to serve the co-op for another three years.” Kelly would like to continue to serve in order to help the co-op continue its evolution as a model for community health and wellness. Kelly has been interested in healthy living for more than 30 years and shops at the co-op with her daughter daily. Professionally, she has led the creative team of a local publishing company for 13 years which has developed her leadership skills, organizational capacity and community understanding.

Lyn Jackson_Reduced.png

Lynn Jackson Incumbent

Through 20 years as an Ever’man member and 10 years serving on the Ever’man Board, I am committed to representing the Ever’man membership by promoting member value and a higher quality natural food shopping experience. I have held various positions on the Ever’man Board and understand that a cohesive Board provides the synergy for a quality member experience. The critical difference for Ever’man to stay competitive is to provide more quality organic and all-natural product options at a reasonable cost with customer education and satisfaction as a core value. I have been thoroughly involved in developing the second location on Nine Mile Road. This is an exciting time for Ever’man expansion as an educational and local product outlet for the environmentally aware consumer. I have an interest in seeing Ever’man utilize creative concepts to promote healthy lifestyles to the underprivileged community as well.


Dr. Sandra Winborne

Dr. Sandra Winborne’s life is filled with excitement to sample opportunity through people, food, places, and experience with all of them. She arrives at this opportunity for consideration to become a member of the Ever’man Board of Directors with many years as a shopper at the co-op.  Dr. Winborne was born and raised in New York and holds a doctorate in Adult Education. She loves music and singing makes her very happy. If elected to the Ever’man Board of Directors, she wants to rally for the diverse communities who may need additional attention to include affordability, food choices that increase better health along with decrease illnesses, and vitamin usage.

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