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Wholesome, nutritious food at a reasonable cost is our mission.

Together lets put values back on the table.

Ever'man Cooperative Grocery & Cafe is on a mission. We are grounded in a rich history and driven by our commitment to actively create a more healthy, vibrant community. After more than forty years serving the Gulf Coast, we continue to be the local source for natural and organic foods, education about conscious living, and as always, Ever'man continues to be a strong community partner.


As an organization founded on cooperative principles, we base decisions on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity. Ever’man Cooperative Grocery & Cafe was originally founded in Gulf Breeze in 1973 to provide wholesome, nutritious food at a reasonable cost. In the tradition of our founders, cooperative members believe in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others.

With these values in mind, Ever’man is committed to ensuring that our community has:

  • Education about health, nutrition, and environmental issues.

  • Access to healthy, natural foods and products at the lowest possible price.

  • Support for Responsible, Local Agriculture and Small Business.

  • An example of Green Business Practices.

Our Story

A small group of individuals wanted to combine their resources to provide the community with wholesome, nutritious food at a reasonable cost. 


To realize this goal, the group started the Ever’man buying club in 1973, with the first official location in a log cabin in Gulf Breeze. Three years later, Ever’man became legally incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation in the State of Florida.

Eventually, Ever’man Natural Foods Cooperative, Inc. moved to a storefront location on 12th avenue in Pensacola and remained there for approximately 18 years, until in 1991. At that time we moved to the Quonset hut on 9th avenue. 

In early 1999, Ever’man made a 4th move to our current Garden Street location in the heart of downtown Pensacola. The building was a once-vacant 11,000 square-foot tire store which our team transformed into a full service grocer with a deli, community room, and community garden.


In 2013 Ever’man Natural Foods Cooperative, Inc. celebrated 40 years of serving the community by expanding and renovating our store on Garden Street, including the addition of a new community education center, more retail space, and expanded green space. All of this has been a true testament to the power of a community that rallies around wholesome, nutritious, and environmentally conscious living – come see why we’re better than ever!

Bringing Natural Foods to Your Table

Quality Food for Your Family

Our Ever’man store team is made up of five different branches dedicated to providing the community with access to healthy, natural and organic foods and products while supporting responsible, local agriculture and small businesses. The five branches are: Produce, Grocery, Vitamins/Supplements and Health/Beauty, Meat and Seafood, and the Ever’man Cafe. Each department is stocked with the best products for our community.



To ensure we adhere to our high standards, the Ever’man members developed a strict selection process that emphasizes and promotes the following:

  • Organic foods

  • Whole or minimally processed foods

  • Non-GMO (not genetically modified) foods

  • Products that are cruelty-free

  • Items that are Fair Trade

  • Items that are packaged in an environmentally responsible manner

  • Locally grown products whenever possible



Limited exceptions will be made only under the following conditions:

  • If there is no more healthful alternative available.

  • If member demand for a particular item is strong and the product

      committee determines that the product is acceptable.


All exceptions will be noted on the shelf.


At Ever’man, we will not carry food products that contain the following ingredients on the label:

  • Artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, artificial flavorings or artificial preservatives.

  • Meats containing hormones or antibiotics.

  • Monosodium Glutamate (MSG).

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